Angular 2.0 | A Jackhammer is not a hammer

Yesterday I got the news  about Angular 2.0. Am I excited? Not particularly. Am I furious? Not particularly. Am I annoyed? Why yes, yes I am. 

Angular 2.0 is due to come out around the end of 2015, or the start of 2016. And it’s  going to be packed full of some changes:

  • No more controllers
  • No direct definition object
  • No $scope
  • no angular.module
  • A super different syntax
  • No built in jqLite
  • It’ll use ECMAScript6
  • More modularity
  • It’ll be a heckuva lot faster (because it’ll use Object.observe() )


So, there are some good things in there. It’s kinda cool that it’ll be using ECMAScript 6 standards. You can sum up most of the 2.0  goodness by saying, “it’s written in ES6”.


the badness…oh man. Take a look at this syntax:

Does that look like any angular you’ve written in the past? Like anywhere?

All those things you know about angular.js? Gone.

If you upgrade any of your projects to angular2.0, it will break everything.

Screw you angular. I quit.

My grandfather was a master carpenter.

My father was a carpenter.

I like working with my hands.

Maybe I should be a carpenter.


top to bottom:
My grandfather’s pinging hammer, My father’s claw hammer, my sledge hammer

A hammer is still a hammer

Sure, we forked the GUI a few times (pinging hammer, claw hammer, sledge hammer), but the kernel is still the same.

At no point will the hardware store start selling new hammers that cause wood to spontaneously combust.

But jack hammers…

Sure, some time in the near distant past, this conversation happened between two folks swinging sledge hammers:

Swinging is for chumps. Let’s take this here chisel and awesomize it with x86/120volt processors and motors…
But we’ll put the word ‘hammer’ in its name so that people know that it’s like a hammer.

{{pause for effect}}

Brilliant idea there, Jack

Naming crap isn’t that hard

Jeff Atwood is right, naming stuff is hard.

Maybe if they called it rectangular, flangular, diagonal, rhomboidal — or more appropriately — circular, I wouldn’t be annoyed. Because it’d have a name that told me, “it’s like angular. Kinda.”

But no.

You took my hammer,upgraded it, turned it into a badass drill.

A drill
Pictured: Hammer 2.0. Sorry if it screws your shit up