Moving On

Yesterday, with a measure of difficulty, I submitted my resignation to Tahzoo.

About three years ago, when my contract ended with Children’s, a consultant at Tahzoo named Piti Itharat noticed from my skype status that I was on the market. A short phone call later, I was given a choice, “would you rather be a business analyst, or a developer?” I checked the box for, “I’d like to write code, shout at my monitor, scare the dogs and curse Internet Explorer”

Oh, the memories…

I learned a lot in my time at Tahzoo. With my first client, I had to relearn the VBScript I’d forgotten. I also had to pick up JSP, and not lose my PHP. And then I had an epic 18-hour battle with Content Porter that Ashraf Nabih helped me win.

Dara Keo saved my butt a few times with one client in Denver. It was a lot of fun getting my first real introduction to both C# and AJAX at the same time. It was also fun that one other time we had to do that one lift and shift in a ‘week’.

Piti Itharat answered all my late-night calls when I was confused or frustrated about TBBs. Or upset with Tridion. Or didn’t understand that the error message meant, “restart SQL server” or whatever.

Jason Kaufmann was up late with me more than one night as we battled challenges with applications produced in ASP, Ajax, and styled in Comic Sans. Oh, the Comic Sans.

Alex Klock had to bite his lip more than once  while he taught me the wonders of Razor Mediator and TOM.NET.  And then there were lots of LOLs afterwards, when I explained that I didn’t know C# or TOM, and he responds  with, “that’s what Razor is.”

Joe Shirley got me to go deeper into JavaScript than just using jQuery.  More than even writing plugins, he introduced JavaScript patterns — and a world without jQuery (and it’s glorious).

I started off at Tahzoo as a CSS monkey who dabbled in jQuery. I’m ending it with having written my own, offline, drag and drop version of JSFiddle.  A lot of people at Tahzoo  proved to be excellent teammates, mentors, and friends who made me better at what I do. I’ve attended weddings, celebrated parenthood, and mostly survived Europe with these guys.

Where to?

Content Bloom is this rad company that was started up a few years ago by John Winter and Nickoli Roussakov.  A company founded by Tridion developers would be cool. But one founded and lead by  SDL Tridion MVPs   is even better. If I was a n00b at Children’s, and got some experience at Tahzoo, then Content Bloom is the place to end up. It’s a company with offices in Canada, Belgium, and Houston. Though I am weary of any place with offices in Canada (as three-beer Frank doesn’t think it’s a real place), an office in Texas sounds right by me.

So on July 7th, I retire the title, “Tahzooligan”, and acquire the title…





Hmm. Cheque back later.


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    Great to have you on-board Frank… And we’ll soon shed you of the ‘three-beer Frank’ title

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