SDL Tridion 2014 MVP, and really cool badges

So, it’s a tad overdue, but I’d like to briefly mention something that happened about a month ago. I got this super neat email from Nuno Linhares, who works at SDL.

Sometimes, I’m dumb

I’d gotten Nuno’s email address sometime earlier, and I’d been emailing him with SDL Media Manager questions on this particular day. Then I got a text message from Alex Klock. Alex asks me if I got an email from Nuno. So I responded explaining what was going on with my Media Manager development and that, “no, I haven’t heard back, yet”.


I check my email.

Nuno has emailed me, congratulating me on having won SDL Tridion 2014 MVP.

So, that’s kind of cool. After all, the last “award” I’ve earned was Eagle Scout —fourteen years ago. Only 2% of all Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts…I don’t know how many Tridion developers there are, but only 15 were awarded MVP.

Thank you


Thank you, Tahzoo. Tahzoo is where I work, and it’s projects that I’ve had with Tahzoo that have inspired much of what I’ve written.


Thank you, Alex Klock and Piti Itharat. I’ve worked directly with Alex for close to two years and he’s had a ton of patience while teaching me more about programming. Piti is my…boss…I think. When Alex was asleep, or caring for his son, Piti was awake, and helping me learn from my mistakes. Both of these guys could have better spent their time sleeping/drinking/doing anything else. But they helped teach me many of the Tridion things that I’ve shared here. Thanks Alex and Piti.


Thank you SDL. There are a lot of really good developers out there. They’re smarter, faster, stronger, and significantly taller than I. You don’t have to offer awards, and you certainly didn’t have to pick me for one —but you did. Thank you.


Thank you. I’m talking to you, the reader, who I’m betting is a member of the Tridion community. You’re a Business Analyst, tester, developer, programmer, architect, or googler. The SDL Tridion MVP awards aren’t based on expertise (thank goodness); they’re based on sharing. Sharing means blogging, participating on stack exchange, putting stuff on social media sites and in forums.

People in the Tridion community came to my blog and read what I wrote. And they liked the handful of things I asked/answered on Stack Exchange. Then those readers nominated me. So I couldn’t have gotten the award without you, the reader. That’s really cool of you, and I appreciate it. Thanks a million.

And then the perks

Well, there’s a few perks, but by far the coolest is this bad boy right here, which I am told adds loads of sex appealtridionnaut points.

My wife swears it makes me more attractive.
I keep telling my wife that this means I don’t have to do the dishes.