So, yesterday while I was on a call, demoing something to a client, there was a Skype conversation going on in the other window. And though I explained I wouldn’t be able to respond to what was going on in that group chat, a certain coworker decides to get a little snarky.

So here we have a conversation:

[1/30/13 12:21:47 PM] C W: anyone have a comment on my question?

[1/30/13 12:21:52 PM] C W: lol

[1/30/13 12:22:04 PM] D K: You’re fine no need to answer C W

[1/30/13 12:22:07 PM] Frank M. Taylor: ugh

[1/30/13 12:22:09 PM] Frank M. Taylor: what

[1/30/13 12:22:11 PM] Frank M. Taylor: now

[1/30/13 12:22:12 PM] C W: LOL frank!!!

[1/30/13 12:22:27 PM] Frank M. Taylor: sorry… doing a screen share w/ [CLIENT] on the other screen

[1/30/13 12:22:48 PM] C W: Frank, I need you to code all the html/css and js for

[1/30/13 12:23:12 PM] Frank M. Taylor: requirements, bro, requirements

[1/30/13 12:23:47 PM] C W: Requirements:

1. Make it pretty
2. Make it fast
3. Make me feel like im flying in space
4. Do it in a week

[1/30/13 12:24:01 PM] C W: oh, and i want kittens

[1/30/13 12:24:09 PM] C W: because EVERYONE likes kittens

[1/30/13 12:24:25 PM] C W: oh! and clip art! MUST have clip art

[1/30/13 12:24:39 PM] C W: and can you do that using only tables?


So guess what?

Project begins Friday night.

Will you fly in space?

Of course

Will it be pretty

As pretty as Tanya Harding and Nadya Suleimann’s love child.

Will it be in a week?

Nay, sir. It will be in a weekend

And the kittens?

Dude, it’s Of course

And the clip art?

is there any other kind?

But…will you really do it in tables?

Tables inside of tables inside of iframes.

Will it feature [XXXX] super-gross HTML?

Marquee, blink, <b>, <i>, and every other bastardized corruption of the HypterText Markup Language.

Got a suggestion?

Post it in the comments.




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    Can it play really bad 8-bit midi music as soon as you start the page and have no way to turn it off (or at least a super secret way)?

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