An Excellent Opinion on Gun Control

This is short, sweet, and to the point. I have poorly thought out, weak, and unqualified opinions on gun control. But there are views on guns which match my own, but they’ve been formulated by someone who did think them through,who  presents strong arguments, and comes with excellent credentials.  Larry Correia is a highly experienced CCW instructor, competitive shooter, former gun store owner, and firearms instructor. He’s also a published author. So, as of right now, basically, if you want my opinions, I’m going to say, “What Larry said”. Read More

Gun Debates Don’t Fix People Problems

It’s only a few weeks after  what happened in Aurora that we see it again:  One person steals life from another. He shows the world how little he values life— and he really worships death in cruel and sick ways. Though we are all equally given life, he believes we are not all equally deserving. He is both selfish and self-loathing, and this fuels his rage. He sets a goal to take as many lives as possible and proceeds to build a plan for carrying out his task. He picks his tools, and when his victims least expect it, he springs hatred and death upon them.

This is not a new story; we can’t even get through the first four chapters of Genesis without witnessing murder. We see the story retold in 16th century Mexico with cannons and  few horses. We find it in Rwanda with machetes. We’ve seen it in Japan with sarin gas. We’ve seen it in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. with airplanes, and we’ve seen this story told with guns. Evil is perpetrated by the person, not the tool. We need to stop talking about a ‘gun control’ problem and start talking about the people who use them.
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What a blog post about gun control taught me about guns (and Fox News)

On a late Saturday night just a little over a full day after the Aurora shootings, I got fed up with friends and pundits telling me why we needed more gun restrictions or why someone with a gun would have stopped everything. So I ranted. Apparently my career as a web developer and writing on web design pales in comparison to the ability to share  my uninformed thoughts on guns. That rant got the most traffic I have ever received, at around 120 hits in two days. Then Business Insider got wind of it, and interviewed me. After an eventful Wednesday where I got four people to comment on the blog post, I thought my 15 minutes of fame was done.

This morning, Fox News got wind of an angry Saturday night rant. And as of this hour, I’m on the homepage of As of this writing, 13,000 people have read my article. Today I’ve learned a lot.
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Yes, I’m a hypocrite: I ran my mouth on gun control

A few days ago, around midnight, I published a wildly popular article rant on gun control. By wildly popular, it’s had over a hundred unique pageviews since Saturday night (a record for anything I’ve written).  I don’t average that many unique pageviews in a week, so by my meager standards, it’s popular. It was popular enough, in fact, that someone from Business Insider stumbled upon it and asked to do an interview. On gun control. Not being one to turn down an opportunity to not shutup, we did it. So while the author prepares his article, I suppose I’ll summarize some of the many ramblings and rants I had time for within the space of 45 minutes. And yes, I know I’m a hypocrite.
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Yes, you can shutup about Colorado and keep your opinions on gun control to yourself

I moved to Colorado about ten months ago.And though I am a native Texan, Colorado is my adoptive state. In my 31 years, 18 were in Texas and 12 were in Illinois, so that should tell you something. I love this state and the people in it. Just as the people of Texas are my people, the people of Colorado are my adoptive people. Recently, my Colorado people have suffered through forest fires. And now they’ve suffered through an horrific tragedy. My upbringing has been between one of the most conservative states in the union and one of the most liberal, as far as gun laws go. So I have a lot of friends on both sides of the gun issue that want to share their thoughts. And you know what? You can shut up about gun control for a day or two. Read More