How Texas Can Secede (without really trying)

Mmmm. Seceding. Tastes like... donuts.

You don’t have to know me very long to know that I’m a native Texan who takes great pride in seeing “Texas” as the country of origin on my birth certificate. I love my state and I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else (though Colorado has definitely grown on me). Pride in my state, though, is waning on account of a recent online petition that we secede from the union.

Apparently, when you’re a democracy, and democracy happens, but democrats win, that’s justifiable cause to secede from the union. So if we’re seceding, I’ve got some ideas on how to git ‘r done.

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Yes, you can shutup about Colorado and keep your opinions on gun control to yourself

I moved to Colorado about ten months ago.And though I am a native Texan, Colorado is my adoptive state. In my 31 years, 18 were in Texas and 12 were in Illinois, so that should tell you something. I love this state and the people in it. Just as the people of Texas are my people, the people of Colorado are my adoptive people. Recently, my Colorado people have suffered through forest fires. And now they’ve suffered through an horrific tragedy. My upbringing has been between one of the most conservative states in the union and one of the most liberal, as far as gun laws go. So I have a lot of friends on both sides of the gun issue that want to share their thoughts. And you know what? You can shut up about gun control for a day or two. Read More