Responsive Design is Not the (complete) Answer

In the last year or so, “Responsive Design” has become quite the buzzword. It’s not just industry jargon or a little article on A List Apart anymore. Project managers, business analysts, salesmen and marketing executives are tossing around the term “Responsive Design”. Heck, a year ago I was explaining the concept to an executive, and now executives are asking for it by name. I’ve even heard of executives asking where the “Responsify” button is in Tridion. Now that Responsive Design has become a buzzword, I’m seeing its meaning and intent get distorted. So, I’d like to offer a gentle “realignment” of where “Responsive Design” fits in the web experience. Read More

Nine Tips for Uploading in SDL Media Manager

Media Manager is by far one of the cooler products that SDL could offer. It appeals to my inner geek. It offers rich asset management over a content distribution network and it does codec conversion. It’s an HTML5 developer’s dream. I don’t claim nearly the experience around Media Manager that I would  Tridion, but I have learned a few things about it…

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Default Schemas for Tridion

I’ve been working on a new Tridion implementation for a client, and for the last few days all I’ve been doing is making schemas. No, not content schemas. Embeddable schemas. Metadata schemas. Schemas that aren’t even necessarily specific to the client. Just things that are necessary to make bigger, more complex schemas. And then today I began to wonder, “is there such a thing as default schemas?”

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Fighting a Lift and Shift Project with Tridion as Your Weapon

Recently I was given a web project— but not just any type of web project. The kind we hate most. The one that’s best-labeled a “future awful idea”.  The one developers will try to kill —with fire. The kind of project with the same sad story as that Pokemon tattoo on your cousin’s lower back.  You know the kind of web project I’m talking about: a Lift and Shift.

A while back, Some handsome devil wrote a blog post on the problems of a Lift and Shift —and why clients shouldn’t ask for them.  So when a Lift and Shift snuck up on me, I put my own words to action and fought for a scope change with the best weapon I had: SDL Tridion. So I’d like to share how we used the best of Tridion to fight the worst of projects.

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