A Tiny Tool for HTML5’s localStorage and sessionStorage

I was talking to a colleague recently about the release of McSandy, and he mentioned that he had a project coming up that would require manipulation of HTML5’s LocalStorage API. I pointed him to a small gist that I’d put up on Github. And then I thought, “hey, maybe I should mention this to other folks, too.”

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Four Features of McSandy you might appreciate

After I announced that McSandy was in beta mode, I created a Reddit post for McSandy, and asked for feedback. What I noticed is that a lot of folks don’t really get why I made McSandy — because there’s tons of other options out there. So I’m going to show you why, with a few lovely animated gifs.

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Introducing McSandy: An Offline Code Editor

About two and a half years ago, I lived in Colorado, and had to fly out to Columbus Ohio pretty regularly. On one such flight, I wanted to test out some CSS and HTML. But I didn’t have any Wifi on the plane.  When you don’t have internet, and you want to do a quick code-and-preview, it can be  annoying when you have to fire up a local server and set up your files. I figured that there should be a code editor that could work regardless of whether you had an internet connection.

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Grunt.js: Minify, rename, and put it in another folder

Grunt Logo copyrighted, all rights reserved by Bocoup

Grunt Logo copyrighted, all rights reserved by Bocoup

If you know Grunt.js, this post is for you. Grunt is a super awesome node.js-based task runner. It makes development easier, your productivity faster, and your attractiveness… attractiver.

I don’t want to go through all 3,000+ reasons that Grunt is fantastic, so I’ll just give you one: You’re writing some JavaScript files. You’d like them to be minified, renamed, and placed in another directory… Every time you save a file. But, the Uglify task doesn’t do that!

Oh, but it does…

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Front-end Architecture Options in Tridion

I had a discussion recently about whether to put CSS into Tridion as multimedia components or code components, and it triggered a really fun discussion. We talked about all of our different strategies and use-cases for managing the CSS in SDL Tridion, and it seems like something that other folks may ask about in the future. So what I’d like to do here is summarize my thoughts and experiences on front-end architecture, and what implementation options you have in Tridion.
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Two Front-end Tidbits for Tridion Guys

As I’ve mentioned previously, I recently left Tahzoo and started working at a new company called Content Bloom. Last week was Content Bloom’s global training summit, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (if that’s a real place). Everyone at the company presented on a topic; it’s a chance for us to all teach each other. I was nominated to speak on Front-end, but with only a 30-minute window, I had to be very focused on what I was going to teach on. Very focused. So I picked only two topics— and I only went over by an hour.
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The Case for Re-Architecting Your CSS (with a CSS Preprocessor)

In the last few months I’ve become a pretty big fan of a particular CSS preprocessor called Stylus. Stylus is a node.js-powered preprocessor that I’ve used with some clients. Stylus has offered a huge boost in both my productivity and quality— and I’ve conjectured that it even gives me an edge performance. After seeing huge gains, I’ve wondered if existing websites can get a benefit from a CSS-to-Stylus conversion. Clients don’t ask for one, and it’s probably because no one has every done a CSS-rewrite and actually measured the gains. Well, guess what? I did a Stylus conversion on my blog, to find out if I could find any gains…
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The End of !important: Using Specificity Tricks to Trump Styles

Last week I was hit with a small challenge of fixing a snippet of code that fixed a problem with a third party application called Media Manager. It  does some pretty nifty things with videos — but it also injects a <style> into the <body>. Because it does that, I had a challenge in changing the dimensions of a video on the client-side. I first worked up a fix over there. Then I worked up a fix for the fix here. It involved a lot of attribute selector shenaniganery and ultimately, revelations about !important —including ways to avoid it at all costs.
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Changing Media Manager Video Sizes with Tridion: a Fullscreen problem

At my Media Manager presentation at Tridion Developer Summit a few weeks ago, I showed a trick for resizing your Media Manager videos outside of Media Manager’s outlets.

This morning, I learned that there was a bug with the approach, and this afternoon, I found a fix. Let’s discuss. Read More