Finding Prime Numbers with JavaScript

Feeling nerdier than usual last night, I was asking myself, and a math teacher (that’s Mrs. Jaye, to you), all sorts of questions about numbers, including prime numbers. Later on, I got to thinking: how would I determine what the prime numbers are in a given range? And then I thought about writing that program. And then I fell asleep — because…narcolepsy at 10:30 is called bed time. Read More

What BDS Tactical Can Teach about Good Customer Engagement

So, it’s a few days after Christmas. I had some money to spare. Every year or two I have a fun side project. In previous years it’s been guitars, amps or traditional archery. This year it’s been upgrading my AK-74. As my upgrades near completion, I found myself with a little extra cash and I thought I’d share an enjoyable experience I had with a company.  Read More