True story: The Android Web Browser is the Honey Badger of Flexbox

I’ve been working for the last month or two on some super cool mobile templates for a client. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, we’ve pulled out all of the awesome for this. If Tridion were a person, it would be peeing its kilt with excitement every day — even though it definitely isn’t wearing a kilt.
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Dexter is Dissappointing: Don’t “Batman” your endings

I’m a fan of Dexter. A big fan, actually. I’ve read most of the books. I’ve watched every episode, and again on DVD and BlueRay. I’ve re-adjusted my work schedule and rearranged my entire wake sleep cycle to make sure I didn’t miss an episode. And then the finale happened, and yes, I have some comments.  Let it be known that this entire post is a spoiler.  Read More

Samsung Blu-Ray Player not getting Internet

A friend of mine asked me to come over and take a look at his WiFi situation. With him being a different flavor of nerd than I, I was happy to oblige. Everything went fine right up until we were trying to get his Samsung Blu-Ray player on his WiFi. And then I discovered something so bizarre that I have to share it with the internet Read More

Grace on Earth

Keith Miller,our pastor at Missio Dei Fellowship, wanted to take a month off to work on his doctoral thesis and generally get a much needed break from preaching.  In order to afford him that break, January became, ‘guest speaker’ month; every Sunday either someone from either the church conference or the congregation delivered a sermon. The last Sunday in January was my turn, so I chose Grace.

Grace on Earth

An Excellent Opinion on Gun Control

This is short, sweet, and to the point. I have poorly thought out, weak, and unqualified opinions on gun control. But there are views on guns which match my own, but they’ve been formulated by someone who did think them through,who  presents strong arguments, and comes with excellent credentials.  Larry Correia is a highly experienced CCW instructor, competitive shooter, former gun store owner, and firearms instructor. He’s also a published author. So, as of right now, basically, if you want my opinions, I’m going to say, “What Larry said”. Read More

Guns: Enough already

When the shootings in Aurora happened, I stirred up enough trouble with an angry midnight rant and the unexpected attention that I hoped not to say anything else on the subject. But..I can’t help it. We have a shooting in Connecticut and once again, between a Twitter stream and a Facebook stream, I’m really fed up. So I’ll make this short, sweet, and to the point.
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