Default Schemas for Tridion: Now with documentation!

Default Schemas for Tridion (DS4T) got an update this evening. We’ve got quite a few changes in this build, but it’s all in the name of getting from 0 to implemented that much faster. And it’s following in the theme of Atomic Schemas that began with the last update. DS4T aims to give you more of the pieces that you need to build the schemas that you want. 


Content Schemas

  • Added a Bundle Schema
  • List Schemas for : Images, Links, Videos
  • Form Schema
  • Form fields: input, button, textarea, select


  • Form Fieldset
  • Attribute Schemas: Document, Form Field, Image, Video
  • Metadata Embeddables: Navigation, Assets


  • Devices

Name Changes

All of the Embeddable schemas got renamed. They no longer have the word “Embeddable” in them. It seems kind of obvious that they’re embeddable by their nature, and the folder they’re in.


Probably the most significant update is the Wiki. I’ve documented every schema that’s included in the build. At some point, I’ll even provide a word document or downloadable PDF. Now you know what’s in it before you download it. If you have a new Tridion implementation, give this a whirl, and let me know how it works for you.





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    Hi Frank – I agree with the removal of embeddable from the title of the embedded schema – but would you think it prudent to suffix the root element ID with Embedded? Just considering the potential of conflicts with using Atomic terms such as code, link etc. – also, I guess from a code perspective adds that little bit of clarity?

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    that’s a good point – I didn’t think of that. In my next major update, I’ll see if I can squeeze that in. Would you care to submit this as an issue on the github project?

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