Congrats Alex Klock, for a well-earned award from SDL Tridion

I just want to publicly say, “congratulations” to my fellow coworker and code-monkey, and Coded Weapon,  Alex Klock. Alex was recently given the SDL Tridion MVP Award. This is a well-earned award and Alex should be very proud to have it.

The thing is, Alex is what you’d call a digital inventor.

Some people go to school, or develop a skill in programming so they can earn a paycheck. Those guys earns their paychecks writing code.   Alex doesn’t code for money, he does it for fun. He develops for the challenge of  it, and shares his work with the world. And it just so happens that he stumbled upon a company like Tahzoo that was willing to pay him for what he was going to do, anyway. Alex has a passion for programming – which is what makes this award so well earned.

Congrats dude.

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