Konami Edit: a jQuery plugin for [Contenteditable]

I was getting frustrated on a project with having to test my CSS with different line-lengths of content and whatnot. So I decided to write a little tiny jQuery plugin to help me test out my web pages a bit faster using contenteditable


I’m not going to revisit all of the nifty tricks you can pull with contenteditable that I’ve mentioned in the past . Here’s the scoop, when you apply [contenteditable=”true”] to an element, you can edit the content inside of it. It’s awesome.

Using Konami edit

Make sure you’re using jQuery, firstly. Then, just put a call to kedit.js somewhere towards the footer in your page.

After that, you activate the plugin with the Konami Cheat. I’ll freely admit that I’m usingPaul Irish’s code that he wrote for a Cornify easter egg a few years ago. Type the Konami cheat, and then double-click any element you want to edit it.

As for browser support, you’ve got IE7, IE8, Chrome, FireFox, and Opera. You’re welcome.The Konami Cheat

up up down down left right left right b a


So, basically, just type up up down down left right left right b a, and then double click on any element you want to edit.

Plugin, Please

No, I haven’t set up a proper git repository, it’s just a GIST for right now. Fork this mofo over on Github.